General Disclaimer

This website is the intellectual property of Christina Bangui and The Joyful Nurse. Any information on this website reflects personal opinions and experiences and does not reflect the opinion of any author’s current or past employer. Please fill out a contact form if you would like permission to use any part of this intellectual property. All of the information on this website and related social media platforms is for informational purposes only. It is meant to supplement, not replace, your existing knowledge.

HIPPA Compliance, State Board of Nursing, and Facility Compliance

While patient scenarios are discussed, identifying details have been changed to protect their privacy and ensure compliancy with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  You must always follow your facility’s policies, procedures, and protocols as well as be familiar with your repective State Board of Nursing and Standard of Care.

Terms of Use

Anything you read on this blog, or anything acted up because of this blog, is subject to the terms of use. You are reading this website of your own free will.  Anything you do is your own personal choice and at your own risk.  If you try a product recommended, follow a piece of advice, or try a service, and are not satisfiedThe Joyful Nurse will not be able to assist you.  Christina Bangui and The Joyful Nurse are not help responsible for these or similar scenarios.

Guest Blog Posts

Guests occasionally write for the The Joyful Nurse. Any content written by guests reflects their personal experiences and opinions and not that of any current or past employers.

Comments Policy

Anything inappropriate, offensive, spam related, threatening, or misleading is not allowed and The Joyful Nurse reserves the right to delete your comment.  All comments are welcome and we encourage constructive dialogue.

Hold Harmless

We do not provide medical advice, regardless of the circumstanes. Any professional or personal recommendations are based soley on personal opinion and/or experience of the author. Any of this advice or recommendations acted upon are of your own free will.  Should you chose to take action based on something you read on this website, it is at your own risk, and you agree to hold the author harmless.

Privacy Statement

The Joyful Nurse will never sell your email address to anyone, or put you on a list you didn’t sign up for yourself and confirm via your persoanl email.  One thing we cannot be held responsible for however is the privacy practices of the various advertisers, affiliates, their audience(s), subsidiaries, or partners.

Social Media

All of the below rules, disclaimers and policy applies to The Joyful Nurse and all of the related social media handles listed below.  Any giveaway sponored by the FreshRN team is not affiliated with or sponsored by any social media platform itself (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest).

Instagram: @mrschristinabangui

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