Finding Devotion Daily

As I’ve been praying aboutThe Joyful Nurse something God has been placing on my heart is devotionals. According to Merriam Webster: Devotional means a “short worship service.” Many Christians practice daily devotionals A.K.A quiet time, time with Jesus, TGIF (Today God is First), or meditation. In this new season of The Joyful Nurse, I really want to focus on us studying the word together so that you will be encouraged and empowered to be the amazing nurse God is calling you to be.

But before we dig deeper into scripture, I want to spend this week teaching you some really important points about how to have a daily devotional time. For me, I’ve always known I should read the bible, but at first, it seemed so foreign to me. There are so many ways to read, enjoy, and apply scripture to your life; this is simply a way to get started.  Later in The Joyful Nurse, we will discuss some creative ways to have your devotional, so stay tuned in the coming weeks!

  1. Find a version of the bible that is easily readable.
    If you start with the New King James Version you’ll doth likely quit before thou begin. My suggestions would be NIV (New International Version) or ESV (Extra Spiritual Version…just kidding it’s the English Standard Version). There is a version called The Message which translates the big ideas, but I would recommend that as a supplement and not your main source of scripture.
  2. Find a space that works every day for you to meet with your King.
    For me, that is in the morning on my couch after I clean my house with my first cup of coffee. If my house is messy I cannot focus, haha! For my husband (who is also a nurse), he drives to work 15-30 minutes early and has his devotional time in the parking garage at his work before heading to serve the Lord at his job. But for many of my night owl friends, it is before bedtime. So find what works for you!


  3. Find a good time frame for your devotional time. 
    Start today with 5 minutes. You read that right, in only 5 minutes God can speak into your soul. However, as time goes on you might find your self so excited to meet with God and so passionately enthralled with what your learning you want to stay for much longer. If you’re not used to having a devotional time, just take one step closer to God today.

    “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” -Jeremiah 29: 13 (NIV)

  4. Find a framework or structure that works for you.
    Literally a million different option here; devotional book, bible study guide, read the bible in a year plan, audiobible, simply journaling your thoughts, etc. Really it doesn’t matter as long as you are engaging with God daily and growing in your walk with Him. As time goes on you might realize one option works more effectively for you.

In His love,


P.S. I would highly suggest a journal as well so you can write your thoughts and prayers! It is amazing to look back and see all the answered prayers and overcome trials turned to triumphs! Plus, I get distracted way too easily otherwise and doodling keeps me on track!



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