In my very first post on my blog I wrote, ” I hope to make an impact, as I’m sure you do” in regards to my nursing career. As May approaches, so does the two year anniversary of The Joyful Nurse, and my heart’s cry has remained the same. To make an impact.

It’s hard to believe all that’s happened in these past two years since my very first post; moving across the country to California to be a travel nurse in an infusion center, then another contract in med-surg, a little bit of falling in love, finding my permanent position in medical oncology, becoming engaged & then later married, starting my Master’s at Azusa Pacific University, going per diem at work and then picking up a little unexpected side job as a care coordinator for clients. Whew. That’s a whole lotta change.

Que today. With the immense amount of transitions have come an even greater amount of blessings. The Lord has been so good to me and I give Him all the glory for the beautiful things he has done in my life. And as a newlywed, I feel like the little yellow emoji with the red heart eyes…like all the time. Truly my life has never been better.

With the busyness of life, my love of this ministry got a little bit lost somehow. Of course as Christians, our whole lives are a ministry, but I felt God calling me to be more intentional and to set apart more time specifically for this ministry. And most days I am still praying for more direction, but God placed The Joyful Nurse back on my heart after a few months of idleness. I am hoping and praying that there is a need for my readers to hear God’s sweet voice, through me. So if there is anything your heart has been craving, post your ideas in the comments below!

If I am being vulnerable, which I suppose I am (you know, posting my life and thoughts on the internet), I am afraid to continue this blog some days. Wait, hold up, what? I know right? So never have I been in a better place in life, and yet still my fears come creeping up on me like a child in the dark. And I ask myself, can I really do this? Can I really make an impact on the lives of other Christian nurses?

To be honest, I’m just an average person with an extraordinary God.

All I am doing is saying “Here I am, send me!”


With humility,


P.S. Thanks for tuning in and keep your eyes on your inbox for your weekly dose of The Joyful Nurse!

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