The Learning Curve

So this new job has been wonderful, but with any jobs there is a learning curve. With some days being much steeper than others. If your new to an RN postion maybe you can relate?

As you start a new job you are most likely feeling a pluthera of emotions ranging from excitment to uncertainty. You go to work not knowing exactly what to expect, and leave feeling overwhelmed and a little unprepared for the first few weeks or months. Or if your a brand new grad, for about the first six months to a year. But it seems as time goes on you learn the work flow, hence the learning curve gets smaller and smaller until you feel comfortable with the day to day work flow.

As this chart shows below, published by Kubler-Ross, the feeling is pretty normal.


As you can easily see, the one factor that keeps you moving along in the learning curve is time. So know that you know you just need a little more time to adjust, you can take a breath of fresh air. And know you are transitioning into your career in a completely normal way.

The Kubler Ross change curve, according to Exeter Univeristy in the UK, was originally used for grief, but has transformed over time to include life transitions. And as you can see is very easily applicable in transitioning into your career or a new position.

Maybe you can’t relate to having a new positon yourself, maybe you are the veteran nurse out there who doesn’t understand why the new nurse on the floor is looking a little bit like a lost puppy. Just remember there was a time when you looked exactly the same, and would have gladly welcomed a mentor to step up and show you the ropes.

In transition,



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