Caritas: Christian Love of Humankind; Charity

So the unit I will be working on at Providence St. John’s in Santa Monica is called Caritas, and is especially for VIP patient’s. Initially before accepting the job I was apprehensive. After all, I never intended to go into nursing to serve the wealthy and privileged, like most I wanted to serve the poor and underprivileged. I wanted to make a difference in their lives. But after thought and prayer, I truly felt like this unit was specifically where I was called to be a nurse.

No matter how wealthy you are, nothing can keep you from death. No amount of money can buy you a ticket for a longer life. And contrary to popular belief money cannot buy happiness. Most certainly, cancer couldn’t care less about the amount of little green paper bills floating around in your pockets.

Caritas is a latin word which, according the The Oxford Dictionary, means Christian love of humankind; charity.


Something that captured my heart about the Caritas, or VIP unit, was the fact that many of these patients have made very generous contributions to this hospital to improve quality of care, be a blessing to the nursing staff, or to endow to ground breaking research.

The way the staff described the Caritas unit was like an airplane flight. Some people have the means, and choose the invest extra money into a first class seat. Whether your in coach or in first class, you are heading to the same destination, but first class might just be a little more enjoyable and accommodating.

Subsequently, what I am looking forward to about this unit is working in a place that is simply beautiful. Due to the additional TLC this unit has received, the rooms are very spacious (which is like heaven to nurses used to very crowded rooms), each room has fresh flowers (personally, I love having nature interweaved into my workplace), fine linens for a good nights sleep, and Kuerig’s for a morning full of fresh brewed java.

As I was praying about this position one story in the bible kept coming to mind, the story of Joseph, let me briefly summarize.  Because of a series of unfortunate events Joseph was sold by his brothers to work as a slave. Joseph had been given dreams of God’s plan for his life; so with confidence and strength, he endured in this amazing story fond in the book of Genesis. The slave traders took him into Egypt and sold him to Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh’s officers. Joseph served his master well and gained great favor. After time spent in prison for accusations against Pharaoh’s wife Joseph was called upon to interpret a dream that deeply troubled the Pharaoh.The Pharaoh rewarded Joseph with overseeing the lands of Egypt.

God’s plan for Joseph was one of humility, but also one of power. God placed him in the midst of people of power for a purpose and through his position was able to save a nation from starvation and bring relief to his people. God has placed me in a position to interact with people who may be not only wealthy, but powerful. May I be an encouragement to them to shine brighter in this world that they currently have influence in.

With anticipation,




One thought on “Caritas: Christian Love of Humankind; Charity

  1. Very cool, Christina! I didn’t know places like this existed. I’m encouraged by your vision. Praying for divine interactions!


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