Pride in Providence St. John’s

As you may know I recently accepted a full time days position as a staff RN at Providence St. John’s in Santa Monica, CA working on their Medical Oncology and Hospice Caritas unit. According to their website Providence Saint John’s Health Center has been serving the Santa Monica and west side Los Angeles county communities since 1942, and since that time has earned a reputation for clinical excellence and award-winning care in a compassionate and tranquil healing environment.

Today, Providence Saint John’s is a nationally renowned 266-bed hospital with physicians, nurses, volunteers and support staff who work as a team to provide the best possible medical care to its patients and the community.


Through the dedication and collaborative efforts of the community, friends, patrons, physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers, Providence Saint John’s continues its world-class tradition established more than 70 years ago by providing breakthrough medicine in an environment of inspired healing.

It all started for me when I was perusing the world wide web at around 3am at my night shift job looking for opportunities that would be a good fit for me long term. I came across this convenience for walk in interviews for the Providence Health Care System and jumped on the opportunity. After meeting with the interviewer I immediately knew I wanted to be apart of the Providence team. I loved how the interviewer talked about the hospitals as “ministries” rather than just a job, but a place to reach out and serve.

Saint John’s motto, “…and the greatest of these is charity…,” reminds us that love and charity are the one in the same. I truly believe that you need to have pride in your workplace and organization to make the biggest impact and have the greatest career satisfaction. These are a few of the reason I love Providence St. John’s. What are some of the reasons you love your hospital? Post below in the comments.

With pride,


One thought on “Pride in Providence St. John’s

  1. Oncology and Hospice?! What a dream! (And also a place where you will need much self care and the Lord’s abundant grace to endure.) So glad you found a great hospital! I too loved UW Health and was just telling some friends about my wonderful manager there. She left a legacy that I truly admire. Praying now for you and the people you will meet in this place. Looking forward to future posts…living vicariously through you 😉


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