Nightshift Lyfe: Sleeping

According to Urban Dictionary LYFE is spelled with a “y” because the normal word “life” is so mundane and meaningless. So working nightshift doesn’t have to be humdrum if you learn how to live the night lyfe right. This three part series on sleeping, eating, and staying awake during the night shift is sure to bring you laughs and practical advice to help you survive and thrive in your current job working graveyard.

night owl

Sleeping is one of the most challenging parts of working night shift. I used to be what I call an “Olympic sleeper.” I could have slept anywhere, at anytime if I happened to be tired–during normal sleeping hours that is. But then when your circadian rhythm gets spun like a teenager playing spin-the-bottle, and you are left dazed and exhausted.

You have to trick your body into thinking it’s daytime, when it’s really night time. And nighttime, when it’s really daytime. In order to do this, it takes a little bit of work. To start off you’ll need room darkening curtains and some lamps or decent lighting.

During the day (AKA your nighttime) be sure the room darkening curtains are shut closed so you don’t see that tempting sunshine peeking through your windows tempting you with the adventures daytime brings, get in your PJ’s, and follow your usual night time routine such as having a cup of tea and reading.

On that note: another reason it’s hard for me personally to sleep during the day is FOMO. Fear of missing out. I’m anxious that the rest of the world is having fun, while I’m forced to sleep the day away. Secondly, I worry that I am not being a productive person–I mean shouldn’t be be up doing things like the rest of the world? No, we have to choose mind over matter because the rest of the world will be sleeping while your awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Lighting can be your very best friend when trying to either stay awake or sleep through the day. Be sure when it’s 2am you have all your lights on bright to mimic the sunlight and trick your mind into thinking you should be awake at this ungodly hour. Also, I use lighting during the day as well to help me to sleep. When my room darkening curtains are closed, I’ll turn on a lamp. Surprisingly this really makes it feel like evening, because that is when I usually turn my lamps on.

Sleep tight,


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