Interview Interventions

Even though I’m only 24 going on 25, I’ve had my fair share of interviews. From my first job as a lifeguard to my most recent interview, I have some experience under my stethoscope in the way of healthcare interviews; Lifeguard, School Nurse Assistant, Certified Nurses Aid, First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Community Assistant, Medication Aid, Nursing School, RN, Travel RN, and most recently another RN position. So I feel uncommonly qualified to give you an interview intervention to help you attain you dream job.

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a full time days position as a staff RN at Providence St. John’s in Santa Monica, CA working on their Medical Oncology and Hospice Caritas unit.

After a series of three interviews, I finally got the job. Here’s how I pulled it off.

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  1. “Your never fully dressed without a smile!” At an interview you want to be your best self, as those hiring are looking for someone friendly and confident. Be sure to shake the interviewer hand before and after the interview as you show them your white glistening sparklers.
  2. A classic ensemble. Unless your interviewing for Cosmopolitan or the runway, stick to the classics with just a hint of style. My go-to interview attire is my navy blue shear tank, with a navy fitted jacket, and a navy lace skirt with some detail and my practical brown flats. Be sure whatever you wear is neutral, clean, and modest. You want them to notice you, not be distracted by what your wearing.
  3. Practice, practice, practice! You may need to know answers to questions ranging from what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest or which medications to give to reverse the effects of Dilaudid and more outlandish questions too; possibly even what type of kitchen utensil you would be in an alternate universe. For real, I’ve been asked that question in an interview. Even better if you can find a friend to listen to your responses and give you feedback.
  4. Come prepared with all your ducks in a proverbial row. Bring 2-3 paper copies of your resume, you never know how many people will sit in on the interview, and give them out prior to starting. For me, I also bring my laptop so I can showcase my blog or email a copy of my resume should they need to forward it onto a colleague. Include references in which you have already contacted so the interviewers have all they need to continue forward in the hiring process.
  5. Interview the interviewer. Show an interest in their career and ask what drew them to this company. This is your chance to find out if this job is a good fit for you so ask all the questions you may have. Perk; This also shows a genuine interest.
  6. Know the missions and values of the company. Most likely the interviewer will ask you how you will be an asset to the team, and now you know exactly what they are looking for! Bring up these key words throughout your interview.
  7. Don’t panic. If they ask you a question and your having a hard time answering, you can either stall for a very short period of time by saying, “That’s a very interesting question, let me think it over.” Or you can say the first thing that pops into your head, more than the words you say, the interviewers are interested in how you present yourself and in your communication skills and critical thinking.
  8. Be your most gracious self. This includes sending a follow up “Thank You” note or email addressed to your interviewer thanking them for their time and consideration.

Please feel free to leave any interview tips or mayhaps in the comments!

Warm wishes,


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