Nurses are the Best Valentines

So I’ve met this amazing man, and it has been so fun to get to know every part of his life. I’ve always hated Valentines Day, more commonly known to me as Singleness Awareness Day #foreveralone. But then something amazing happened! I fell in love and get to spend my first every Valentines day in the arms of the one I love. As it turns out, he’s a nurse! How lucky am I? So I thought you might find it interesting to know some pro’s of dating a nurse? And let me tell you, there are a lot 🙂 Not all of these are directly related to the special nurse in my life, although some are, but are gleaned from shared personality traits of those in the healthcare profession.


Nurses genuinely care. You don’t go into nursing for the money, and if you do, everyone will know. So nurses are of a rare bread that always put the needs of others before their own.

Nurses are “Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it.” I mean who doesn’t find hipster glasses and the brains that go with it extremely attractive?

Nurses love tending to the sick. So when that sick day comes along, expect the very best care out there. They may even have a hidden stock of IV supplies for a little extra hydration or over-the-counter drugs for a homemade cocktail.

Nurses have a endless stockpile of hilarious nursing stories. (All staying within HIPPA Protocol of course). But let’s face it. We. Have. Seen. Things.

Nurses have seen things, as mentioned above. As a result, there is very little that shocks us. So on your worst day, your love will understand. Explosive diarrhea? No problem. Huge pimple on your forehead? They’ve seen something worse. No need to be insecure.

Nurses are the calm in the storm. Everyday our jobs bring us face to face with life or death situations, emotional turmoil, or a chaotic workplace. So when something happens in life, the nurse in your life can be your rock.

Nurses are financially stable. And while we may not go into nursing for the money, we certainly don’t mind the side effects and stability nursing provides.

Nurses are naturally grateful. After giving of ourselves all day to patient’s who may or may not say thank you, nurse’s learn to appreciate because they are so often underappreciated.

#NurseLove #BestValentine #WillYouBeMine







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