Break Away from the Chaos

If you read my last post Positivity and Perspective then you’ll understand why I am saying that I am so grateful that my current job prioritizes breaks. For every shift there is a relief RN who is responsible for making sure every nurse gets a 15 minute break and also a 45 minute break. And when she comes around, you had better believe it is heaven to my ears!

The hospital is a stressful and overwhelming environment. And so for me I look forward to the times of solitude that comes with my breaks. Essentially I “break away” from the chaos. And although sometimes I enjoy chattering with my co-workers, I can do that while on the floor at work. So most often times I find the quietest place I can find.

At this job, since I work night shift, that place has been the basement cafeteria. Literally no one is ever there in the middle of the night, and it is gloriously mine. I lounge around as I read my book, eat my salad, or call my often times mother who is awake at 3am (#insomnia). It is a place where I nearly always leave refreshed and ready to finish the rest of my shift. After all, isn’t that what a break should be for?

So I wonder how many of you utilize your break in a way that is truly restful?

Do you find yourself pressured to socialize even though your more of an introvert? Or do you get sucked into laziness and end up watching an episode of TLC’s: Horders, because that’s all that’s on in the wee hours of the morning in the breakroom? Or maybe your sneak out to your car to take a nap and return to work even more tired than before.

No matter how you spend your break, I want you to come back to work feeling refreshed and refocused. Feel free to share in the comments some of the creative ways you have spent your break in order to recharge for the remainder of your shift!

Let’s break away,


P.S. Enjoy some of these memes about nursing breaks (I hope your hospital prioritizes breaks too!) #sadbuttrue #breakawayfromthechaos


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