Positivity and Perspective

So as a traveler we often face adverse situations. After all, a hospital is usually short staffed for a reason, often times being that the workplace is not attractive enough to keep staff in the long term. I have been at my current hospital for about three weeks now and have witnessed these things first hand. At first, it was overwhelming to me how understaffed this floor was and also the various different responsibilities the job held, including; mixing our own pharmaceuticals, giving our own bed baths, and a work flow that doesn’t make all that much sense to me. That coupled with the fact that I had only 16 hours of orientation left me feeling lost and frustrated.

If you are a traveler, I am sure this will sound familiar to you. And my first instinct is defiantly not positivity. It is the sinking feeling in my chest, and the thoughts in my head, “why in the world did I take this contract.” And as Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy famously says, it left me feeling all “dark and twisty.”

But one day as I was on the way to work I realized something. No matter what, I did sign this contract. And no matter what (unless the world comes to an end), I will be completing this contract for the next 10 weeks. I didn’t want to have anxiety and frustrations going into every shift at work, and so I decided I needed a change in perspective.

In the car I decided I was going to try to come up with five positive things about this job. Just five. I laughed, as I thought to myself “It’s a job.” And I remembered how I ought to be grateful to have a job of any kind and a way to provide for myself. Next I thought, even though it is not the ideal location, it is less than an hour commute from my home. After that my thoughts were slowly changing. And for my third reason I thought, I am a nurse. No matter what kind of hospital or situation I am in, nothing can take that away from me. Fourthly, my patients came to mind. Even if the system wasn’t perfect, I am a caregiver, and that is the honor and privilege of my career. And finally, I was grateful to work in a building that had big window (as silly as it might sound) so that I could see the city lights and life going on all around me outside of the hospital.

As I drove on, I thought of many, many more reasons to be grateful. I remembered that I need to be focusing on the positive and not on the negative. Essentially, I needed a change in perspective and I’m blessed that positivity and gratefulness brought that to me.

So what negative thoughts to you need to stop ruminating over and replace with positive, grateful thoughts? Where do you need a change in perspective?

With a grateful heart and a positive mind,






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