Back to the Beginning: Part #1

So I have been looking forward to doing a video series for quite some time now, and the other day when I was in South Dakota I decided to take a stroll back at Sanford and say hello to my co-workers, and to my manager who gave me my start in the nursing field. As I was walking through the hallways I was amazed at how much God had done since that point to bring me to where I am today. This video series “Back to the Beginning” will take a looks at the “why” in different areas of our lives. This video series is designed to give you a fresh vision for 2017 as you continue on in your journey through life, faith, and nursing.

Why did God intend us to have a career?
Why did we go into nursing in the first place?
Why did we decide to follow Christ?

Throughout this series, I am going to take you “back to the beginning” in regards to how I answered these questions the very first time from a biblical perspective, and I hope you will be able to look back and reflect on your life and remember your “why.”

Thanks so much for checking out the video blog above, for the TED Talk I referenced by Simon Senek please see the video below.

Now, my video told you that we should have a career. But so many details and questions about our career is left unanswered because there simply isn’t room in a four minute video blog. And although for many having a career is what God has called us to, others may be unable to work or desire being a stay at home mother or any other number of exceptions which may be equally as challenging and God glorifying! So stay tuned and we will keep exploring the answers to many more career related content this year.

Now let’s get to work,


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