The Joyful Nurse Celebration

I never would have thought eight months ago that my blog would have come this far, and have gained this much support not only from friends, family, and co-workers, but from nurses around the country I have never even met. I am honored that my readers take the time to read my nursey musings and come with an open heart to accept encouragement in this journey through life, faith, and nursing that we all make.

Check out these Celebration Stats from last year:

The Joyful Nurse had 6,000 views!
Christina posted 70 new articles in 2016!
Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest were launched!


Originally this blog was started not only to encourage nurses, but for something productive for me to pour my time into. As Netflix binging took over nights awake due to working the night shift became boring and well a vortex that sucked all my time and left me with little creative energies. This blog has breathed new life into my purpose, and I love having a ministry created by nurses for nurses. I hope and pray this is a community that you can come as you are, to simply relate to other nurses whether than be in humor or heartache.

So in celebration of all that God has done through The Joyful Nurse I have a new logo designed by Alarie Ataiyan, the creator of Morning Light Designs. She graciously reached out to me and offered to donate a logo to The Joyful Nurse in support of my ministry. I would like to extend a special thank you to this stay-at-home mama who has put hours of thought, work, and effort into making this beautiful logo. Please support this wonderful woman of God by checking out her lettering company on Facebook and Instagram!

Let’s Celebrate!



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