So, Downey Kaiser…Here I come!

I am excited to announce that I have accepted my second travel nurse position at Kaiser Downey working on the Medical-Surgical floor on the night shift! After working at the Kaiser Bellflower Infusion Center I have become very skilled at IV initiation and am excited to take my new skills into the inpatient environment.

Some nurses might call me crazy, but I have missed the inpatient world. I have missed being there in the midst of the most intimate moments of patient care, I have missed the challenges that the inpatient world brings, and I have missed working with a multi-disciplinary team.

However, I am forever thankful for my time in the outpatient setting and to have gained the experiences I have. I am grateful for the friendships and colleagues I am had the privilege of working with. And lastly, I am grateful, maybe regrettably so, for the daytime hours. But no one ever said following your passion doesn’t come with sacrifice.

Check out what has to say about medical-surgical nurses,

“Once relegated as the art and science of nursing on hospital wards, medical-surgical nursing is now considered as the foundation of the nursing practice. Most nurses begin as medical or surgical nurse (med-surg) or at some point during their nursing career worked in this field of nursing. Many nurses continue med-surg nursing for the excitement and experience it brings to their career.

The medical-surgical nursing field has progressed from an entry-level job position to a unique comprehensive specialty. This field is no longer seen as a stepping-stone but a specialized science—the backbone of a healthcare institution. Currently, medical-surgical nurses are the most common among all nurse specialties.”

Stay tuned for many adventures ahead,


P.S. So many good things in my life right now…A new job, a new apartment, a new love, a new city to explore, and travel coming up here in less than 10 days! So I sincerely want to tell my followers I am still so excited about this blog and my ministry with The Joyful Nurse, even amidst a few less postings recently.

A very Happy Holiday season to each and every one of you!

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