So, I’m a fan girl. Not one of those crazy girls chasing around Justin Bieber, or attending every concert of my favorite band. But a social media nurse personality fan girl.

These four nurses have brought so much laughter, wisdom and influence not only into my blogging, but into my nursing career from reading and watching their content. So I thought why not do a short feature on each so you can check them out as well?

GodzDesign, a fellow Christian Travel nurse with wonderfully honest videos on all topics Nursing and Jesus. Here video’s are a bit long, but no longer than an episode of my fav New Girl #worthit. Check out one of my favorite video’s below about the pro’s and con’s of day shift and night shift…

**Click on each nurse to go directly to their website!

The Nerdy Nurse, a highly tech savvy nurse, who unlike me, is immensely competent and skilled in nursing informatics in her blog, books, and speaking. She pioneered the way for nurse bloggers and has great reviews on products for the nerdy nurse in all of us.

Nurse Eye Roll, a Neuro Critical Care nurse who blogs, but also writes and is highly influential in her speaking events. Her add for Staff Garden might even get me a little closer to my dream job. And I can’t wait for her new podcast episodes to air!

The Gypsy Nurse, a nurse who is proficient in all things travel related. I even found my 2016 tax guru through her referral. Because, yikes! Are taxes tricky when you are traveling. Read on for all sorts of fun and practical advice.




++ Disclaimer: These are the opinions of The Joyful Nurse. The Joyful Nurse is not affiliated with any of the nurses above. I am not using any of their intellectual property as my own, but simply referring you to it.++




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