Joy in the Little Things

The older gentleman who I’ve been taking care of grabs my hand before he leaves to give it a little kiss to say “thank you.” When I go an entire week and nail every. single. IV. I got off work two hours early to go to DisneyLand with my family from Oregon. My co-workers are supporting my blog by subscribing. When California finally gets some rain…and also I get to swim in the crisp, cold ocean that same day. When your friend is making a sweet new logo for my blog: shout out to Morning light Designs….to be revealed soon! Getting to carve nursey pumpkins with my cousins Christy and Pat. My morning cup of coffee and time with the Lord.

My list of gratitude could continue on so much longer. What’s on your gratitude list? Simply grab a piece of paper and reflect on all the things you are grateful for. Don’t have time for that? In the morning on your drive to work make it your mission to find the joy in your life, you might just be surprised that you are very blessed.

The Joyful Nurse pumpkins!

Joy isn’t always in the big things, sometimes it’s hidden in the little things. You may have to dig a little deeper to see it, or simply take a step back and breathe and breath of gratitude. Joy. It’s all around us. Are you brave enough to see it? To stop living a complaining, mediocre, sub-par life and reach out and grab the joy, even if it’s tiny, that’s right in front of you? We live in a world where settling and blending in is so much easier that gratitude. But gratitude has such a bigger pay-off. Take the gratitude.

So many people comment on how much joy I have. So much of that joy come from my faith in my sweet King and Savior Jesus.

Maybe you need to take that first step, and come to know Jesus as your personal savior. Have questions? Send me an email via my contact page. Want to learn more? Check out my page  The Gospel.

With a happy heart,


After my time in the ocean


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