A Sense of Community

Before moving out to California I had a whole “bucket list” so to say of places I wanted to visit. Boston, MA so I could work at John’s Hopkins. Cleveland, OH so I could work at the Cleveland Clinic. Rochester, MN so I could work at the Mayo Clinic. Hawaii, because….it’s Hawaii, aloha! And Alaska, because that also sounded just freaking awesome. The world at my fingertips.

But it turns out, I may not want to travel the world or even the whole country. Are all those places wonderful? Most likely. But how could I go to all of these wonderful places and start over each time? My sense of community is so strong here in Southern California, and it feels like home. Not because of the beach, and the sun, and the other million reasons I love California, but because of the people in my life. How could I go to all of these places alone with no one to call on when I needed a laugh or help out of sinking sand?

Sure, I’m outgoing and am capable of starting fresh each time. But that’s not the question. The question is if I want to? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m positive I want to continue traveling a little while longer, but maybe more concentrated in SoCal. Because what’s more wonderful than seeing the country? Seeing my family. Seeing my friends. Seeing my church community thriving. So dear ones, know you are treasured by me deeply.


I am blessed immeasurably by your good company and love. Your value is more than the world to me. Quite literally, I may add. So your challenge today is to tell someone how much you love them. Tell someone today how much you care. Let’s create a joy filled world together with our community we call home.




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