Aye Aye, It’s Sinking Sand

Well, here’s a silly little story, that’s sad but true. I saw a pirate ship. Seriously, it was enticing. And I wanted to go aboard yee mateys! So thus I set forward on my quest from the dock where I was with my Aunt Patty and Uncle Bob. The journey seemed easy, simply cross from one dock to another. But instead of taking the long way on the concrete I figured I would take a little short cut through the dirt. It appeared harmless enough. Until I was halfway across. Sinking Sand. No, seriously. Blimey, I was sinking, and sinking fast. And I started laughing at the pure humor of the situation. Until it was up to my knees, and I couldn’t move. I started panicking. I tried to get out, but only fell deeper. I realized my feet where suctioned in. And I had started drawing a small crowd. I looked up with desperation in my eyes, and cried out to anyone who would listen that my shoes were stuck. Alas an onlooker called back telling me to leave my shoes. So I left my shoes and was land ahoy, no longer to be destined for Davy Jones locker. Big Bear has a little piece of me, and I of it, even if only in my memories.

As I reached safety, the woman who told me to leave me shoes relied, “You my dear are a beautiful creature.” I wondered at her statement, and then realized not many people would be laughing knee deep in sinking sand and I saw where she found the beauty in the chaos. But my joy comes from the Lord, even in inconvenient and unexpected circumstances. Another man came up to me laughing saying, “I could hardly get my camera out fast enough!” Thank you sir. Thank you for your deep concern. And finally some tall dark and handsome young man offered to go in after my shoes. After I declined several times, he relented. I was shoeless. And my pirate ship had sailed gingerly into the seas (well the seas of Big Bear that is.) And I found a quiet place on a swing to wait while my family came to pick me up, you know, due to the whole not having shoes thing. And I have to say, this life is pretty amazing. So many adventures wait, but sometimes we have to be willing to take a step in unknown places, that unbenounced to you may or may not be sinking sand. The pirate ship below, is indeed the one that caught my fancy.

This experience brought back to mind a hilarious youtube video that helped me to pass the exam on grief in nursing school, I can’t watch it without crying. Disclaimer: It may be slightly offensive due to “language,” yet shows the raw feeling of struggle. And also, as a student, you won’t soon forget the stages of grief. So enjoy.

P.S. I wayyyyy to much fun with this piratey post! Also, shiver me timbers–I’ve reached 5,000 views! Yo ho!

Until next time me hearties,


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