20 Spanish Phrases for Nurses

As I am learning Spanish I wanted to share some little language nuggets that could be useful to you when interacting with a Spanish speaking patient. The most important thing is that you try to speak what you can when you can, it will mean the world to your patient.
Hello, my name is ____________ and I’ll be your nurse
Hola, me llamo __________________ y soy su enfermera
What is your name?
Como se llama?

How are you today?
Como esta hoy?

I don’t speak Spanish very well.
No hablo español muy bien.

Do you speak English?
Habla inglé

Sit down please.
Sientese por favor.

Are you in pain?
Tiene dolor?

I am going to take your temperature.
Le voy a tomar su temperatura.

Do you feel lightheaded/ dizzy?
Se siente mareado?

What diseases or medical conditions do you have that you know about? (a) None (b) Diabetes (c) Heart (d) Lungs (e) Kidneys (f) Ulcer (g) High blood pressure (h) Seizures (i) Arthritis. Qué enfermedades o síntomas tiene, de que sepa usted? (a) Ninguna (b) Diabetes (c) Del corazón (d) De los pulmones (e) De los riñones (f)úlceras (g) Presión alta (h) Convulsiones (i) Artritis

What medicines are your allergic to? (a) None (b) Penicillin (c) Tetanus (d) Sulfas (e) Aspirin. A qué medicinas tiene usted alergia? (a) A ninguna (b) A la penicilina (c) A la vacuna contra el tétano (d) A las sulfas (e) la aspirina

Where does it hurt? Here?
Dónde le duele? Aqui?

Speak slowly, please.
Hable despacio por favor.

Repeat, please
Repita, por favor.

I don’t understand.
No entiendo.

I’ll be back in a moment.
Regreso en un momento.

Use the call light if you need help.
Use el botón para ayuda.

I am going to give you an injection.
Le voy a poner una inyección.

I am going to place an intravenous needle in your arm.
Le voy a poner una agúja intravenosa en el brazo.

Do you have questions?
Tienes preguntas?

Feel free to copy and paste these onto a little laminated card so you can carry it around at work to better communicate with those who only speak spanish.

Check out this in-depth research study by the National Library of Medicine for more information about why learning Spanish is so important in the healthcare profession.

Enfermeras adios (Goodbye nurses),



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