My Infusion’s Crusin’

“My infusion’s crusin'” is a typical phrase heard in the Infusion center. It’s used in RN hand off report to say “this patient is doing good, no worries.” According to Discover Nursing an Infusion Nurse “give[s] patients medication and fluids via injection. They monitor patients, manage their tubing, maintain arterial catheters, and stay aware of potential drug complications. Infusion Nurses can be found working in a multitude of locations, including places like hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics, and home health agencies.”

Many people have been asking me what I do, so I thought that expanding a bit more might be helpful to you, or pique your curiosity if you are interested in becoming an Infusion RN. On a typical day I see several different patients and infuse a multitude of different treatments including blood transfusions, therapeutic phlebotomy, Iron (Venofer) for anemia, Orencia for osteoporosis, Afluria (Flu vaccine) and many others but the most challenging is Remicade. This particular infusion is for Rheumatoid Arthritis and requires special attention and monitoring due to the potential for side effects. Patient’s of every race, language, age, and socioeconomic status step through our doors to receive treatment. I think that is one of the most amazing things about nursing, we have the privilege to work with everyone and no one can be turned away.

“What I like most are interactions with patients that develop into strong relationships,” Jane Miller (A traveling Infusion Nurse with five years of experience) says. “I really get to know my patients and do my best to make a difference in their lives by making a difficult situation more tolerable by alleviating patients’ fears and teaching them about their disease and their side effects. It’s important to keep patients and families well informed and help patients to relax and experience some good cheer while being treated.”

This quote was originally featured in Healthcare Traveler if you would like to view the entire interview and learn even more about Infusion Nursing.

Let’s Cruise,


On a personal note: All in all the rest of my week was much improved after I was able to dive in and try everything on my own. I am so ready for week two. I look forward to opportunities to have great conversations with my patient’s and be The Joyful Nurse that can brighten their day. I’m also trying to learn Spanish due to the high volume of Spanish speaking patient’s I interact with on a daily basis, so that’s a new challenge.

Speaking of cruising’ I got a Beach Cruiser today! I am hoping to get in shape by riding my bike on the way to and from work every day. Wanna get in shape with me?! Let’s do this.



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