Ten California Insights as a Traveler

Well I just moved into my apartment yesterday after a long journey getting here! I wanted to share some insightful and laughable life lessons I’ve learned so far regarding my time in California.

1. Dear 10 lane freeways, I loathe you and the nefarious land dragons who drive around trying to cut me off and be just generally very vicious. I mean are you really in that big of a hurry?

2. I love the weather. LOVE IT. Sunny, all day every day? Yes please.


3. Living in a place where you can’t navigate without a GPS is downright demeaning. Can’t wait to learn these streets by heart.

4. Inn & Out. Trader Joes. Weinersnitchel. Whole Foods. Jack in the Box. Del Taco. Need I say more?

5. I absolutely love being close to family I’m usually not able to live life with. And they take me cool places. Love them. Let the good times roll.

6. FaceTime dates with family and friends back home are cherished and priceless…though potentially tear jerking. Also, I love getting good old fashion snail mail.

7. The two hour time difference. It’s a lot bigger deal that you would think, and simply an inconvenience.

8. I start work tommorow and only live about 5 minutes away, how lucky am I to have virtually no commute? It’s unheard of here.

9. My new church family is wonderful. I mean I had been praying for a while, but God really outdid himself by setting me up with the Encounter Church in Bellflower. Wow. I’m still speechless at His goodness and provision. #Acts29

10. The ocean. I believe I have mentioned before I was meant to be a mermaid. And yes, The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. Beach days will be occurring frequently. Try not to hate me when it starts snowing.


Until next time,




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