Thank You!

Check out this video I published to say “Thank You” for being apart of The Joyful Nurse community filmed in San Fransisco California in view of the Golden Gate Bridge. My experience in California so far has been wonderful, and I could truly see myself calling this place home. I love the bustling cities, the … More Thank You!

Life in Transition

Well I’m here in sunny California. After a very scene drive through the plains of Iowa, the rolling hills of Wyoming, the rock formations and salt flats of Utah, the mountains of Nevada, and finally through redwood forests I arrived for a week of vacationing with my family in NorCal before moving down to SoCal. … More Life in Transition

Living the Dream

Most people would agree that I am “living the dream.” I have a job that I love and am passionate about, a career that gives me the opportunity to travel to amazing places, and financial stability to pursue what I’ve always wanted. Over the past month I’ve had people say things like, “Your so lucky!” … More Living the Dream