Everyone has a story, what’s yours?

As I was putting together my locket to wear as my nursing badge at my new job I was reflecting on some of the ways God’s fingerprints have been in every part of my journey to travel nursing. I picked up the baby blue scrub top and medical charm and was reminded of my journey into nursing. For so long I questioned if this was shat I was supposed to do, but God knew all along the road I would walk to becoming Christina Clarey, RN, BSN. As I see the typewriter charm my eyes light up as I reflect about the wonderful ways writing “The Joyful Nurse” had enriched not only my life but the lives of others. The coffee charm made me giggle as I realized I have a little bit of a dependence issue with my morning cup of joe, and usually drink at least 2-3 cups daily when I’m at the hospital. The white rose a sign of my unique style and personality. The golden arrow a symbol of adventure and always moving forward with my dreams. The “family” charm a sweet reminder that those I love most dearly will always be close to my heart. And finally, the sparkly cross charm that reminds me of my Savior in my King Jesus. 

So what is this locket? And why am I sharing about it? I met with a beautifully godly woman from my church family tonight an was inspired by Origami Owl Jewelry. I loved how each piece told a story and as I was building my locket I was able to share my story with other women. To dig deeper, I thought about what it would be like to it to get to hear more stories of the lives of women. Which charms would they pick? What challenges and joys would they represent?

As a result I am going to be hosting my very first Origami Owl party! And I am so excited, not to make a little extra cash or win some free jewelry, but to get to hear your story. And to get to share my story with you. So as a nurse, what’s this doing on my blog? Well, the excitement gets even better because this beautiful jewelry not only let’s you keep your memories close and share your story with others, but it comes available in a nursing style badge. We wear these badges everyday. We go through a lot with our badges. So I thought, why not have a nursing badge that is beautiful, fun, and meaningful?

Please visit Christina’s Jewelry Bar at Origami Owl to shop and start your story!


Let’s get sparkly,



P.s. Check out my Facebook page The Joyful Nurse for daily updates and ideas as my party starts today and continues for two weeks before I start my next adventure!

P.s.s If you would like to place an order but are not sure how or would like to share your story with me, please feel free to email me at christina.clarey.rn@gmail.com or call/text me at 712-898-4931, I would be delighted to help and be a listening ear!


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