A Change in Direction

As I received the phone call from the travel company I could hear something off in her voice. “The position you accepted was filled.” My heart sunk. She apologizes, saying HR made a mistake and a current traveling nurse decided to stay at the hospital full time. I can hardly process the words. I think to myself, “But I signed a contract.”

My recruiter reassures me there are so many other positions still available. But my heart was set on this position, it was perfect. As she starts going through other possible positions, I realize I’m not hearing a word she says. I’m thinking, “But I already told all my family and friends.” I decide to tell my recruiter I’ll give her a call back later.

I get off the couch and do the next logical thing. Double fudge chocolate ice cream. And a lot of it. I realize I need to ask God to be a part of this whirlwind, so I send up a quick prayer. And then, some quality Netflix binging. “How could this happen?”

I usually use the phrase, “Low expectations, high satisfaction.” It helps me to not be too disappointed. But since this was a done deal, my expectations were high and my disappointment higher.

After I came to accept my current dilemma I called my recruiter back. What were my options? We went through quite a few jobs before settling on the one that would be right for me. Although it wasn’t what I expected, I am looking forward to a new adventure in Downey, CA at Kaiser Downey Infusion Center. It’s near LA and I will be working 5 days a week for 8 hrs which will be a change, but it will be amazing to have all my nights and weekends off. I’m usually pretty good at looking at the bright side, I just have to climb the mountain of dissapointment before I can see the sunrise. Well it turns out I’m at the top of the mountain and the view looks pretty promising.

Keep on keeping on,



**Photo credit to Julie Yang Photography

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