So this post is a little short because I’m vacationing/roadtripping with my cousin before she heads off to college and I make the switch to LA life. I read a post that people in other 1st world countries have mandated vacation, in France it’s four weeks! Here in the U.S. we can often times cash out our PTO and end up exhausted, burnt out, and dissatisfied. So here’s my pull, go on vacation! Use that PTO! These past few days have been so refreshing for me and much needed time to connect with God, see beautiful sights, and become closer with family.

Don’t let yourself work so hard to make a living that you forget to make a life.

We spent our first day exploring downtown Minneapolis and Minnehaha Falls, and enjoyed our second day in Duluth. Looking forward to one more day of adventuring!

Now its your turn,


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