Why I’m Not in it for the Money, and You Shouldn’t be Either

You know those nurses and those techs. The ones who are clearly “in it for the money.” When someone asks me one of my pet peeves–the first one that comes to mind is when people hate their jobs. I mean come on, life is just to short to live that way. If you hate your … More Why I’m Not in it for the Money, and You Shouldn’t be Either


So this post is a little short because I’m vacationing/roadtripping with my cousin before she heads off to college and I make the switch to LA life. I read a post that people in other 1st world countries have mandated vacation, in France it’s four weeks! Here in the U.S. we can often times cash … More Roadtrippin’

L.A. Baby

L.A. Baby. Or should I say, Burbank bound? Burbank, CA is 12 miles outside of L.A. But those of you who have been to SoCal know its pretty much a metropolis that goes on for hours and hours with no real definitions of city limits apart from climate and culture. I am both excited and … More L.A. Baby

Coping with Death

I’m not sure how you will cope with death, but I know you will need to cope in nursing. Some of my co-workers when I worked at a nursing home would attend the funerals or prayer services. Which I never did, because I felt I crossed boundaries and funerals in general are just a little … More Coping with Death

Work-life balance

Your whole life you have been working towards something, and now you have arrived. Like your climbing up stairs and are finally at the top, and you can’t go any higher. Take a minute to think about what that means up to your life so far. In elementary school you were working towards being in … More Work-life balance