Known by the King

We all have a desire in our lives to be fully known and fully loved. And although this is one of our deepest desires, it is so often left unfulfilled. How can we experience this kind of intimacy? We search out this desire with all our strength and passions, but still come up empty. Will … More Known by the King


The person I am today is a night and day difference of the person I was a year ago. Not only was my faith pretty shaky, my confidence was almost totally broken down. As a new nurse there are so many stressors (#pleasejustletmekeepthemalive). But seriously, you are learning where all the supplies are, learning the … More Confidence

Rise Up

Enjoy an encouraging message about humanity and the world today. I love that as a believer in Christ I can trust that I’m on the “winning” team. Evil will not be the ultimate victor, and that is something real I can put my hope in. Love, peace, hope, Christina   Check out Andra Day’s song … More Rise Up

Heart Language Hellos

I realized something as I walked across the cobblestone streets of Montevideo, Uruguay last year as a passerby smiled said “hello.” I never knew how much english meant to me. It’s my heart language: a language I’ve grown up with, feel comfortable with, and fully understand. You wouldn’t think a simple hello would mean so … More Heart Language Hellos

Hustle and Bustle

So I stroll into work, expecting an average day, but alas my supervisor tells me I am going to be coordinating the care of five patients today rather than my usual three to four patients due to inadequate staffing. As a nurse, I’m sure you have all been there. Someone calls in sick, and there is … More Hustle and Bustle