NICU Passion from Kelsey

“Well first off I would just like to start by saying hello to all the lovely people reading this. Also, thank you to Christina for letting me be a part of her blog. Where to begin… I was told to write a tid bit about my work and faith journey. It’s hard to summarize everything in short, but I will do the best I can. I’ll start with I graduated from South Dakota State University with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I think I knew for quite some time I wanted to be a nurse. Part of that being my grandma’s journey with cancer. She was first diagnosed when I was pretty young. I saw the difference the nurses were making in her life & they were also great at supporting my family. I always thought to myself “that’s exactly what I want to do.”  Although throughout nursing school, God pulled me towards the field of children. I absolutely loved my pediatric clinicals and children in general. I loved the fact that usually no matter how sick these kids were they still always wanted to play and had smiles on their faces. Of course after college graduation came the dreaded nursing boards. Let’s just say this was not an easy task for me and it caused a lot of doubt whether I’d even make it as a nurse. I just want to be encouragement to any nursing student out there that may be in the same boat as I was thinking “man all this hard work in 4 years of college, all for nothing” because the boards were proving to be just a little too tough. I prayed and prayed about where to go & what to do and then after a long dreaded wait period I found out I had finally conquered the boards. So for all of you in a similar boat, you can do it! I quickly got an interview in the NICU at Sanford and was beyond excited when they asked me to be a part of their team. I absolutely love my job and being able to work with these precious miracles. Seeing a 1 pound baby grow & go home, it’s just purely amazing. Every day I see a little bit of everything from social situations to parents who are beyond excited about their new miracle. Some of the social situations are tough. I always pray that we have the right judgement for the babies we care for. I can only hope that each and every one of these miracles gets to grow up in a home they will be taught about God and the wonderful things he brings. I can also only hope to make a difference in the parents lives as they go through their journeys in the NICU with their miracle. Thanks be to God and all the abilities he has given me to be a nurse & carry out his work through something I love doing!”

–Kelsey Ray, RN

Kelsey and Me

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