One Thing

There was this one patient who was most likely the grumpiest patient I’ve gotten to take care of. This is a strange fact about me, I love getting grumpy people to smile. It feels like such a victory to see someone in a cantankerous (yes, I used to discover this word), surly, and disgruntled mood smile. I guess I like feeling like I made a difference where others gave up long ago (which is semi-understandable). I was caring for this patient who would ask for cookies every night I took care of him, and all we have are graham crackers. Dry, tasteless, crackers that are probably an aspiration risk, haha. So I got the idea to bake him some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. This is what inspired todays post. “One thing” is an idea I got to go above and beyond every day with one thing on one patient. I don’t share this to say I’m so amazing (because I’m sure your just as amazing!) or to say that that I do amazing things every day–but simply to share something God has played on my heart. It is a little something I do that challenges me to care more. So the random mosaic of pictures below are “one things” that either I have done or that I have seen my co-workers do. –

Here is a list to get you started if you want to be inspired, I invite you to try “one thing.” Every day doesn’t have to be big (in fact, every day can’t be big, that’s exhausting and we don’t have the time!) It is simply finding a way to find and give joy in nursing…

Playing cards with a patient (watch out, they may beat you)
Painting the nails of a patient
Enjoy your cup of coffee and just listen to your patient’s stories
Hanging a banner on their door to celebrate and occasion
Ordering them a birthday cake
Writing a “Get well soon” post it note (SUPER easy!)
If a patient leaves flowers behind–bring them to another patient
Print some fun coloring pages and provide colored pencils
Some of my co-workers are even planning to go see their patients scremo band

Just some ideas to get you started, if you have an idea you would like to share–The Joyful Nurse community would love to hear from you, please post below!


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