“Joy Is…”

So even though I’m pretty fresh as a nurse, I’ve been in the healthcare field for seven years as a lifeguard, first responder, certified nurse’s aid, first aid provider, and finally as a nurse. If you know a nurse or two, then you know it doesn’t take long for our stories to start creeping into the conversation. And let me tell you, we have a lot of stories. The following poem is just a snapshot. Today was a really good day. Today reminded me that nursing is full of a lot of things. One of those being JOY.

“Joy Is…”

Joy is receiving a warm embrace from my patient

Joy is praying with my patient so they can fall asleep

Joy is feeling humbled at seeing life come into the world

Joy is seeing the love of a mother for her baby in the NICU

Joy is watching someone pass from this life to the next

Joy is hearing a stroke patient speak again for the first time

Joy is saying “they got the whole thing…your cancer free”

Joy is fighting for your patient’s best outcome

Joy is knowing you make a difference every day

Be joyful today,


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