Intentionality and Elephants

So tomorrow I’m super excited to be heading to the Omaha zoo with a couple of co-workers who have become cherished friends the past year. We’ve been wanting to find a time to hang out together and just enjoy a little day trip somewhere. As I was thinking about what to write today, intentionality came to mind.

Intentionality (according to to be done with intention or on purpose

So often when we are new to a job (or quite frankly, even if we’ve been around a while) we have this tendency to wish that people would reach out to us. We wish that someone would care enough about us to want to hear our story or laugh about life together over coffee. We hope that someone notices in us qualities that would make us seem funny, warm, unique or x, y, z (insert heart’s desire’s here).

But how often do we take steps to be intentional and pursue our co-workers in friendship. Not just the surface level friendship that is achieved at work, but something deeper and more real that takes place in your life outside of work. Something that requires you sacrificing time and care in order to get to know someone. Here’s the thing, we want to be pursued. But how often do we pursue others?

Now that I’m fairly certain I can handle most of my days at the hospital without a complete crisis, I can focus more of my time on getting to know my co-workers. I am working on being more intentional. Note: I am a work in progress! Too many times I’ve told someone I’d love to hang out, and then failed to follow-through on actually planning a time to get together. But once we realize this tendency I think we are more equipped to fight against it and to pursue those in our lives.

So. Elephants. My friends Tori and Kathleen are pumped for the Elephants at the zoo. I, on the other hand, tend to be more of a Lion and Tigers kind of person. But I’m most excited to see the elephants this time, because I am so excited to just live life with them and capture this moment together as I see the outrageous smiles on their faces. And although I’m super excited, because I love the zoo, I’m really looking forward to hearing all about their lives and how God has been on the move.

Who do you need to reach out to? Have you gotten in the mindset of letting other people pursue you without returning the blessing? Who in your life have you told 100 times you want to catch up? MAKE THE COFFEE DATE. Right now. Text them. Call them, maybe? Just show someone in your life that you care about them enough to set aside your busy schedule to make time for them. Heck, you could even make plans to go to the zoo.



One thought on “Intentionality and Elephants

  1. Thank you for these thoughts! I’ve often had to remind myself to be the friend/co-worker/family member/lover I desire out of someone else. If I’m not a good friend, I wont have good friends. If I’m a horrible co-worker, I’ll always have horrible co-workers. If I’m an awful family member, I’ll have mostly awful family members. If I’m an inattentive, selfish lover, I’ll never have an attentive compassionate relationship. Keep up the good thoughts lady 🙂 and be blessed!



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