One Thing

There was this one patient who was most likely the grumpiest patient I’ve gotten to take care of. This is a strange fact about me, I love getting grumpy people to smile. It feels like such a victory to see someone in a cantankerous (yes, I used to discover this word), surly, and disgruntled … More One Thing

“Joy Is…”

So even though I’m pretty fresh as a nurse, I’ve been in the healthcare field for seven years as a lifeguard, first responder, certified nurse’s aid, first aid provider, and finally as a nurse. If you know a nurse or two, then you know it doesn’t take long for our stories to start creeping into … More “Joy Is…”

Trust in You

One of the biggest spiritual struggles I have had this year is just not understanding God. To the point where I had some serious doubts. I mean, if God isn’t real, living this way (as a Christian) is a total waste of time. But if God is real, living in any other way is unthinkable. … More Trust in You

I’m a Dreamer

Yesterday I took my nephew to the playground at the school with my Grandma before graduation. As we were walking the old hallways that held so many memories I glanced over and saw a rather professional young woman in a red dress. She looked happy, and confident, as if she had somewhere to be. It … More I’m a Dreamer

Congrats Grad!

Today one of my favorite people in the whole world turns a page to a new chapter in her life. Anastasia is much closer than a friend and deeper than my cousin, she has become my sister throughout our lives and I am so blessed and inspired by her. So today, I say congratulations as … More Congrats Grad!

Slow to Anger?

It’s 3am and I can’t sleep, so why not start the day off blogging, right? I wanted to touch on a touchy subject today, having compassion for those patients whom you are vastly different from and at times seriously disagree with. As a nurse it is in the job description to be non-judgmental and compassionate. … More Slow to Anger?