Creative Devotions

Our God is anything but ordinary. Certainly, the God who created the whole world into existence by his breath alone is a God who encourages creativity (Psalm 33:6). God created our inward parts and wove us in our mother’s womb, we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139: 13-16). Even in the old testament God filled His … More Creative Devotions

Finding Devotion Daily

As I’ve been praying aboutThe Joyful Nurse something God has been placing on my heart is devotionals. According to Merriam Webster: Devotional means a “short worship service.” Many Christians practice daily devotionals A.K.A quiet time, time with Jesus, TGIF (Today God is First), or meditation. In this new season of The Joyful Nurse, I really … More Finding Devotion Daily


In my very first post on my blog I wrote, ” I hope to make an impact, as I’m sure you do” in regards to my nursing career. As May approaches, so does the two year anniversary of The Joyful Nurse, and my heart’s cry has remained the same. To make an impact. It’s hard to … More Impact

Are you prepared?

It was a beautiful day, both my husband and I were sitting outside amidst the cool breeze enjoying some “Dog Haus” hotdogs. Side note: If you haven’t tried “Dog Haus” I would highly reccommend it. We were both enjoying our days off work together and suddenly noticed a young woman in distress being escorted by her … More Are you prepared?

The Learning Curve

So this new job has been wonderful, but with any jobs there is a learning curve. With some days being much steeper than others. If your new to an RN postion maybe you can relate? As you start a new job you are most likely feeling a pluthera of emotions ranging from excitment to uncertainty. You go … More The Learning Curve